Product Specifications AGI-1230 AGI–1218 - VGA analog video+ analog audio signal input. Standard HDMI digital signal output; USB port double chipset design, output audio and power charger at the same time.

- Support VGA video input formats: VGA, XGA, SVGA, SXGA, UGA; Support HDCP 1.2 Version.

- HDMI output format: up to 1080/60Hz (output and input format SYNC and frequency SYNC); VGA inout format: 800 x 600/1024 x 768/1280 x 720/1280 x 768/1280 x 800/1280 x 1204/1360 x 768/1600 x 1200/1920 x 1080@ 60 Hz 640*480; Video output: HDMI signal, support HDMI 1.3b.

- Simple installation, no need drivers, plug and play.

- High-grade aluminu alloy shell. Black appearance, simple and nice.

Agiler VGA to HDMI Adapter with USB Audio