Product Description

Capture Life’s Moments as they Unfold!

Sometimes in life a simple picture isn’t enough. For example, a picture cannot capture the music or voice of a performer at a concert, the vows being spoken at a wedding or the laughter and chatter of your children as they play. In order to do such situations justice a video is often required, allowing the finer details that make that moment special but which cannot be seen in a still life image to be captured. In addition, it is often the case that the memory card you use does not have the necessary speed and capacity to hold all the photographs you have taken. Hama has a solution with the fantastic SanDisk Ultra Android MicroSDHC Class 10 8GB Bi-coloured Card and Adapter.

Experience Full Extended Video and Photo with the Ultra Android MicroSDHC Class 10 8GB Bi-coloured Card with Adapter!

With recent developments in technology many people are investing in Android performance orientated smartphones and tablets with SDHC slot in order to achieve more detailed, realistic pictures and longer videos. However, in order to capture video or photo at its best, a suitable memory card must be used that is of the correct speed to cope with and store the higher quality content. That’s is where Hama comes in with the SanDisk Ultra Android MicroSDHC Class 10 8GB Bi-coloured Card with Adapter, especially designed so you can capture and store all your videos and content with minimal hassle.

The high-speed, high-quality card can be used with a huge range of devices, boasting super-fast Class 10 data transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s, making it ideal for the capture of HD video, so you can Step up to faster performance, and the shot you want is the shot you’ll get. Furthermore, the memory card has a lifetime limited warranty.

Providing a generous capacity of 8GB (also available in 4GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities), you will have enough space to capture lots of high-quality video and images. Furthermore, the card comes with an Android memory manager app and an SD adapter for maximum host device compatibility.

Share the fun, the laughter and the tears in stunning video or those special photos, all stored securely on a SanDisk Ultra Android MicroSDHC Class 10 8GB Bi-coloured Card with Adapter brought to you by Hama!

Box Contains

1x Ultra Android 8GB Card
1x Adapter

SanDisk 8GB UHS-I MicroSDHC Class 10