5MP Super HD Resolution
With 3,000,000 more pixels than standard 1080P, the cameras soak in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your monitor or smartphone in spectacular 5MP resolution.

The Most Cutting-Edge H.265+ Video Compression
H.265+ greatly reduces bandwidth requirements and considerably improves compression efficiency, without sacrificing video quality. It allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording, 7x longer than H.264.

Smart Motion-Triggered Alerts
This whole surveillance system can be accessed and controlled remotely via the free APP on your mobile devices. Once motion detection is triggered, you can receive instant email alerts with snapshots and APP alarm pushes even when you are away.

4K Video Output to Display Ultra Clearness
The 4K video output is supported for your exquisite 4K TV or monitor to display top-of-the-line megapixel quality. Your allowed to capture all the crucial evidence like license plates, faces, packages and all the faraway objects.

Powerful NVR with Strong Compatibility
You can add max 4 cameras of up to 4k resolution to the NVR to enjoy ultra clarity. And by supporting ONVIF protocol, also connectable to third party cameras. Thus, you are allowed to take full advantage of your cameras and have full control over them.

XVR 4CH CCTV Video Recorder 4K Hybrid NVR AHD TVI CVI DVR 5-In-1