Tuya Zigbee hub connects to Tuya Zigbee smart products and is the bridge and control center for smart homes. By connecting to the router, it enables communication with the cloud and mobile app, allowing users to easily view and control various smart devices in the home that use the Tuya Zigbee protocol.
Note: Needs to be used with tuya zigbee smart device,Alexa Echo Voice control Tuya Zigbee Device via this Hub,Work with Tuya Smart /Smartlife App.
Security pribacy protection:In wifi and zigbee terminals,when the accessory is remotely controlled,the relevant data is encrypted during transmission.Make sure the equipment is safe to use and prevent malicious intrusion.
App Smart and Remote Control:Adding devices,device reset,third-party control and group control to meet the needs of smart applications,are all supported by the hub.Simply use your smart phone to control remote security kit system connected to the hub anytime,anywhere.
After sales service:If you need any help or any problem with this product please feel free to connect us ,we will try our best to help you,we will reshipping /return and refund to you as you chooice,please contact us before ask a return thank you so much for help.

Zigbee Smart Gateway Hub